A Little Obsessed 5 – Cardio Core


I make no secret of the fact that cardio tends to be my least favourite type of exercise. But ultimately, I quite enjoyed this one. It was pitched at just about the right level, leaving me breathless and sweaty, but no scared I was about to pass out.

The format was one low intensity exercise for 30 seconds, followed by one high intensity exercise for 30 seconds, repeated three times and followed by a core exercise. I thought there were going to be 4 rounds and was mildly horrified to discover there were actually 6.

The cardio rounds were fairly traditional and straightforward, with no equipment involved. Though most moves – like skaters or mountain climbers – were entirely standard, there were a few dance-based moves that seemed to borrow heavily from Country Heat.

The abs rounds were more innovative, generally involving one or both of the bands and the plates. I enjoyed most of the core interludes, but I thought they were a bit short and token. This should definitely be regarded as a cardio workout with a bit of abs work added, rather than the other way around.

Jump side to side then squat
Plank with open leg
Double hops
High knees
Mountain climbers with sliders
Jumping jack skips
Frog jumps
Side planks with leg tucks
Scissors with bands
Cross-country skiers
Crossed mountain climbers
Leg circles with sliders in plank
Rocking horse
Squat jumps with knee lifts
Plank with leg opens

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