A Little Obsessed 3 – AAA


The name of this one made me giggle before I even started. The triple A stands for arms, abs, and what, being British, I insist on calling arse. In other words, its focussed on exactly the body parts I like to work the most.

The workout didn’t disappoint. It really hit all three areas hard in some quite innovative ways, while also giving most of the rest of the body a bit of a blast.

The format was one arm (or really, upper body) move, one glute-focussed move (which inevitably generally hit the legs too), and one core move. 15 reps of each, repeat the circuit, then move on to the next three. It was quite a nice mix of some big movements that raised the heart-rate and some smaller, intense, focussed movements that let me catch my breath while still really working a specific part of the body.

I’m really looking forward to more of these AAA workouts during 80 Day Obsession.

Full exercise list below, with explanations where I thought they’d be helpful and comments where I had them.

Overhead Press Standard move, but 15 x 2 with a decent weight will give your shoulders a nice blast.
Double Knee-Tuck Wide
Glute Bridge with loop Lying on your back, feet down and knees up, with a loop or two around your thighs, lift your bum and lower back off the ground then go up and down.

Having done a lot of yoga and Pilates in the past, I tend to find this sort of bridge-type move relatively easy, but though this didn’t kill me, the bands definitely made a difference.

Push-Ups Fairly straightforward, but two sets of 15 push-ups definitely pushed my push-up ability close to its limits
Loop-crossover row down Sit on the floor with knees bent and ankles touching the floor. With the band wrapped around one foot and held in the opposite hand, lean back into a more or less horizontal position, pulling on the band, then come back up. A great little core move.
Clam hydrant A rather odd one, this involved kneeling on all fours with the band around your ankles, then lifting one leg at a time up and out and 90 degrees. It’s a small movement, but it really works the outside of the glute, and the need to balance provides a bit of bonus core work.
Bent over row to press back Interesting variation on the straightforward bent over row, in which you have to bend down and straighten up (pushing your bum out as you do) between each rowing movement, for a bonus bit of glute work during an otherwise upper-body focussed set. These extra movements made the whole thing much more tiring and challenging, but I loved the way it worked two body parts for the price of one.
Cross over climbers With the sliders under your feet, get in a plank position, then slide the right foot to the left hand, return to plank, then slide the left hand to the right foot. A nice core move and strangely fun.
Hamstring curl