A Little Obsessed 2 – Booty


Where yesterday’s total body core worked the whole body (I guess the clue’s in the name) and involved big moves that got the heartrate up, this was much slower and more focussed. That’s not to say it was inherently easier; some of the moves were really quite intense. However, with a few notable exceptions (reverse straight leg lunge and squat side to side, I’m looking at you!), my heartrate stayed relatively low and all of the attention was on the booty. A lot of the work was done on the floor, and the bands got heavy use.  It made a nice change of pace, and assuming the same pattern is true in 80 Day Obsession, I’m looking forward to being able to mix and match the two types of workout to suit my mood and energy levels. The pattern was to do 4 sets of two exercises, repeated twice.

Full list of exercises below, with explanations where I thought they were needed and/or comments where I had them.

Marching glute bridge
Weighted heel press On all fours, rest a weight on the back of one knee, then lift that leg up. I was a little freaked out at the idea of resting a weight on the back of my knee, so went pretty light, but this was still challenging, and I loved the movement.
1st position glute bridge More of the lying on your back with knees bent upwards and going up and down. The twist here is that heels are together and knees are out, which makes quite a difference.
Straight leg lift out on angle
Standing loop hinge With the band under one foot and held in the other hand, bend over on the diagonal, then rise up, pulling on the band.
Reverse straight leg lunge I always tend to find that lunges hit me hard, but this involved stepping back with a straight leg rather than a bent one, which really upped the agony.
Side lying hamstring curl
Squat side to side Squat down, then still in the squat position, step to the right. Then to the left. You basically hold the squat position for quite some time and keep moving, which gets pretty intense pretty quickly.