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80 Day Obsession Diary – Intro/Day 0

For the next 13 weeks I’m going to be doing my best to stick to Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession programme. 6 intense workouts a week, focused on the bottom and stomach but targeting the whole body, plus a strict eating plan based around portion control, macros, timed meals and generally cutting out the crap and upping the good stuff.

I’m no stranger to healthy eating or to regular exercise, but this programme is definitely going to be a step up. I’ve been busy with work and other things recently, and as a result, I’ve been allowing myself a few more treats and skipping a few more meals than I normally would.

I look and feel okay but I know I can look and feel better, and I’m in the mood for making a proper effort again. I know it’s going to be a challenge. The three things I’m most nervous about are squeezing in 6 hour long workouts into a heavy working week, making the timed nutrition work with family meals, and cutting my wine consumption right down (I’m going to allow myself 3 250ml glasses a week – don’t tell Autumn!). I’m going to give it all my best shot, but also not beat myself up if I don’t stick to everything 100%. I feel like this is a bit of a shoot for the moon scenario – if I end up doing four workouts a week and mostly sticking to the meals plans, that’s going to be an awful lot better than doing nothing or even what I’m doing now.

Partly to inspire others, partly for fun, and partly to keep myself motivated and accountable, I’m going to attempt to blog about my progress every day during the programme. Some days, it’ll be basically a review of an individual workout, like the ones I’ve done for A Little Obsessed. Some days, I’ll be more focused on the food side of the equation and share some meal plans. And on some days, it’ll be an honest look of why I missed a workout or had a few too many snacks.

Today is the official Day Zero of the programme, so I’m getting ready. My new equipment arrived yesterday, much to my excitement.


I’ve stocked up on Shakeology.


I’ve pinned the calendar to the wall.


I’ve got rid of the final bits of Christmas treats that were hanging around and filled the fridge with all the fruit, veg, and protein I’m going to need, as well as working out my meal plans for the week. And tried out one healthy meal idea. I’m very used to doing portion fix, but I think the timed nutrition elements of this programme are going to be a challenge.

And perhaps most importantly, I’ve taken my measurements and my before photos.

80 day obsession before back80 day obsession before front80 day obsession before side 280 day obsession before side

Chest – 32 inches

right arm – 10 inches, left arm – 11 inches

waist – 29 inches

hips – 36.5 inches

right thigh – 19 inches, left thigh 19.5 inches

weight – 126 pounds

I’m hoping to get my weight down to at least 120 ibs, ideally more like 118. And my big focus – which this programme should be perfect for – is to lose a few inches from my waist and flatten out my stomach.

I’m now going to watch Weekly Obsession, and then I’m all set.


If you don’t currently have access to BOD, you can get a year’s subscription, a month’s supply of Shakeology, and all the accessories you need for 80 Day Obsession for just £180  here


If you’re already a Beachbody on Demand customer, you can get everything you need for 80 Day Obsession (workout calendar, resistance bands, strength sliders, portion fix containers) with Shakeology here, with performance supplements here, or with both here. 

There are a variety of different combinations of BOD access, 80 Day Obsession accessories, Shakeology and performance supplements available. Do drop me a line if you’re not sure which is right for you or if you’d like more information about this programme or anything else.


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