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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 76 – Peak Week Cardio Flow

I can’t believe it’s already Peak Week, aka the final days of 80 Day Obsession. Two big differences this week: firstly, there’s a selection of the best workouts from each phase of the programme, plus this one, which is slightly different to anything that’s come before. Secondly, you have deplete days, where you more or less eliminate the yellow carb and purple fruit boxes and significantly up the red protein, green vegetable, and teaspoons of oil.

Cardio Flow has been a funny one for me. Depending on my mood, I can love it or hate it, though in the last few weeks, it’s been a bit of a favourite. Knowing the moves so well (it’s the only workout where the moves remain consistent in every week of every phase) I’ve got to a point where I can stop thinking and really lose myself in the exertion.

spider squat.JPG

Today’s workout was actually really fun, and much more straightforward than this workout usually is. Normally (as you probably know by now) it builds, move by move. This time around, your do all ten moves (inchworms, spider pushups, diamond jumps, flamingos, duck walks, gorillas, kick throughs, bear, crab, mule-to-frog) from the word go. And then you repeat and repeat and repeat, with the aim being to do as many rounds in 30 minutes as possible. Spoilers: if you follow Autumn and Co, you make it to ten. Tiring and sweaty, but less work overall than the Phase 3 version. I can see myself doing this one every so often inbetween programmes when I want a fun, challenging but not too torturous cardio-based workout with a bit of body work thrown in. I made it extra fun today by putting on an old Pop Punk playlist of Spotify, and jumping around like I was at a gig!

As for the special eating plan, if I’m honest, I was dreading it, to the extent of being in two minds whether to do it or not. But it’s actually not that bad. Having been perfect with my nutrition in early weeks, I’ve dropped to about 80% compliance on average. Having to go super strict has really focused my mind. I’ve heard people talk about headaches and irritability when cutting carbs back this drastically, but I’ve been fine so far, and surprisingly unhungry. That said, the normal 80 Day Obsession eating plan isn’t super compatable with my lifestyle, and this takes that to another level. It’s been tricky to get in the requisite numerous small meals throughout the working day (a bit of fruit is one thing, endless rounds of chicken and veg quite another) and I’ve had to do evening meals separately from my husband, which is a shame, as our dinners, though generally healthy, are a bit of a ritual. It’s just a few days though, and for that time period, it feels like the icing on the cake. I know it’s mostly just water weight, but it’s amazing how much more visible my new muscles are after just two days of this.

Just four more to go….


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