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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 8

One week over, and another begun. The programme dominated my life last week (in a good way) and I felt so proud yesterday of making it through the week, managing all the workouts, and more or less sticking to the nutrition. Subconsciously, I’d almost forgotten I’d have to do it all again this week!

Any worries that I wouldn’t keep it up quickly fell away. After a weekend where I basically kept to the nutrition plan but cut a few corners, it was nice to do it perfectly again. One week in, and I feel like I’ve got the hang of the timed nutrition a little more. I did a massive online shop over the weekend, so it was nice and easy to fill my containers perfectly. And people at work have just about got used to the concept of my Hobbit-like “second lunch.”

The workout was Total Body Core again. Like last Monday, I was relegated to Studio 2 (aka the tiny hallway) with fixed 5 pound weights for the first third while my husband did Body Beast Chest and used our adjustable weights. I came back for the next two rounds though, and was able to up my weights to 7.5 for round 2 and then 10 for the final round.

The moves were identical to last week, the difference being that instead of 15 reps repeated twice, it was 10 reps repeated three times. I’m in two minds about which pattern I prefer, but once again, I definitely felt that I got a good strength workout and a decent calories burn. and in happy news, my legs have finally just about stopped aching from Friday’s Legs coupled with Saturday’s Cardio Flow. Let’s see if anything aches tomorrow…


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