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80 Day Obsession Diary – Days 9 and 10

Somehow – mostly due to finishing work late but still getting my workout done – I got timed out on yesterday’s entry, so I’m going for the double today.

There’s actually not tons to say. On both days, I’ve managed to get the relevant workouts in – Booty yesterday, Cardio Core today – and stick pretty neatly to the nutrition plan. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it through the first ten days without missing a workout or having any real food cheats, but somehow, I’ve managed it. There are still seventy days to go, obviously, but it’s a good strong start.

Booty changed this week in the same way that Total Body Core did on Monday – three rounds of ten reps instead of two rounds of fifteen. And proportionately heavier bands were used throughout. At the end of the first round, the thought that I was only a third of the way through horrified me, but from then on, it went smoothly. It’s interesting how much gentler Booty is than all the other workouts, in terms of not really getting your heartrate up or exhausting you, but it does do a great job of hitting the specific muscles its targeting.

Cardio Core was exactly the same as last week in its reps and structure, but the breaks between rounds were slightly shorter. I make no secret of the fact I struggle with intense cardio and generally enjoy it the least of all the types of exercise. Despite the fact I’d surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this specific workout last week, it took a lot of self-motivating to get me to start. For the first four rounds, I found it surprisingly easy (well okay, easy is perhaps too strong a word…) then it all crept up on my in round 5 and 6 and I was suddenly drenched in sweat. It went very fast though and was actually quite fun. I still really like the combination of cardio intervals with quick, slider-based ab blasts.

Now tomorrow, I’ve got an earlyish meeting and then an evening event, so I have a horrible feeling I might break my perfect streak, but we’ll see…


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