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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 21 (and belated recap on the last few days)

Not too much to report today, but I’ve been very lax about keeping this blog up to date over the last few days, so checking in quickly lest I lose momentum.

To summarise the days I’ve missed from the diary:

Friday (Day 19) – Legs – a workout that killed me in week 1 and that I missed in week 2 (still the only workout I’ve skipped). Mindful of just how much my legs ached after week 1, I went slightly easy on myself in two ways : doing the week 2 version rather than jumping straight to week 3, and using relatively light weights throughout rounds 1 and 2.

The first of these was definitely the right call. I’ve found the 10 by 3 by 3 rep pattern much more challenging than either the 15 x 2 or the 10 x 3, even on workouts I struggle with a lot less.

The second was probably a bit of a cop out if I’m honest. I used 7.5 ilb weights right through rounds one and two, which is really quite light for legs. I still felt it, but I could have tried a little harder. I changed tack in round three, still using 7.5s on some of the trickier ones (Buddha squats, diagonal lunges) but going up to 15s on things like squats and sumos. Overall, I felt like I got a decent workout, that worked me out but didn’t burn me out. I’ll try to go a little heaver throughout next week though. I stuck to my standard nutrition all day and made an amazing thai stir fry that fit with the plan but was a lovely Friday evening meal.

Saturday – Day 20 – Cardio Flow– I was up unusually early on Saturday for no particular reason. I smashed through Cardio Flow, had a healthy breakfast, and felt very smug. I felt less smug when I ordered a take away pizza in the evening, and consumed it with most of a bottle of wine. Yes, the less said about that the better. Moving swiftly on…

Sunday – Rest Day – I did Roll and Release, which is definitely becoming a mini-favourite. Then I followed it up with some very gentle restorative yoga (nothing to do with 80 Day Obsession or Beachbody. Gasp!) focused on soothing the ankles and knees, which are always weak spots of mine and are starting to feel the effect of daily exercise. I went out for a meal with friends, managed to stick to fairly healthy options, but once again, abused my wine privileges.

I deliberately agreed with myself that I’d have some wine at the weekend while doing the programme, but I’m conscious that what’s meant to be basically one glass on each weekend day has crept up each weekend of the programme, so I really need to get stricter with myself, as it’s the one main way I’m not properly sticking to the programme (that random pizza aside – foods not been a problem usually).

Monday – Day 21 – Total Body Core – After that slightly hit and miss weekend, I started week 4 strong. Perfect nutrition (so much easier during the week, somehow) and got my exercise in. If you’ve read this diary before, you’ll know that usually on Monday’s, my husband takes the living rooms and the weights to do Body Beast, leaving me in the hallway with pathetic weights. Today, he decided to skip it. If I was a good coach, I’d probably have encouraged him to do it. Instead, I selfishly rejoiced in my opportunity to do Total Body Core in luxury. Having mostly done this workout with 5ilb weights, I was over-excited to have more of a range to play with, and between that and the 15x3x2 patterns (three moves of 15 reps, repeat, then move onto the next set of three) I absolutely exhausted myself, but it went pretty well.

Phew, that’s everything up to date. Hopefully I’ll be better behaved about daily updates again this week.


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