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80 Day Obsession – Day 18 – Arms, Abs and Ass (AAA) – including AAA review, finally

Today, I felt really exhausted all day. Not sure if yesterday’s morning workout caught up with me (I told you working out first thing destroys me!), if I’m coming down with something (please no!) or if it was just one of those days. Either way, I really had to push myself to press play. I quite possibly only managed it because it’s AAA day, which is a strong contender for my favourite of the six types of 80 Day Obsession Workouts.

I like it for several reasons. It focuses on the main body parts I want to work. It’s a nice mix of small, intense movements that really work an individual muscle and bigger movements that get the heart rate up. It’s a fun structure – two arm exercises, one ab exercise (mostly using the sliders), one booty exercise (using the bands). And repeat. So lots of variation on no time to get bored. It always leaves me feeling like I’ve got a good all-over workout as well as some really focused attention on the body parts that give it its name.

Like all the other strength-based workouts this week, today’s version involved repeating each exercise in a set three times back to back, before moving onto the next set of four.

Somehow, having done a short review and a move list for all the other Phase 1 workouts in the first week, I’ve kept missing AAA. So without further ado, here are the moves:


  • Upright row
  • Bent Over Fly
  • Frog Sliders (in plank position, pull legs in, bring them out in a circle, close, pull back in)
  • Glute bridge (does a day go by when there isn’t some variation on this?!)


  • push-up (the slow speed makes everyone’s favourite even more fun!)
  • skull crushers
  • weighted ab sit up
  • knee plank heel press


  • Bent over row
  • hammer curl
  • knee tucks (pulling knees in then straightening legs in plank on the sliders)
  • fire hydrant (brutal with sufficiently heavy bands)


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