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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 28 – Review of Cardio Core Phase 2

After the way Booty ramped up for Phase 2 yesterday, I was a little nervous about the Phase 2 version of Cardio Core, which I found to be one of the most challenging workouts in Phase 1 (in large part because I’m just not a cardio girl).

The bad news – or the good news, I guess, if you want to push yourself – is that again, the Phase 2 version is harder and more intense than the Phase 1 version.

The good news is that, unlike with Booty, which basically felt like a different kind of workout compared to the first four weeks, Cardio Core 2 follows the same format as Cardio Core 1, just with some more complex/higher-intensity/more challenging moves.

So once again, there are six rounds, each of which involve 3 minutes of cardio – 30 seconds of a relatively low intensity skipping move and 30 seconds of a high-intensity or particularly challenging move, repeated 3 times nonstop – then ten reps of an ab move. Then after all six rounds are done, all 6 ab moves are repeated for another ten reps, back to back.

The skipping moves were a bit heavier going than last time around, but recognisably the same sort of thing.

The other cardio moves felt a lot more complex. There were several compound moves and some series of moves that it took me a while to get the hang of, like jumping sideways twice, lunging to the side, doing a squat jump, then going the other way. And most dramatically, there was the horror of burpee push-ups – if there was ever a two-word combination to strike fear into my heart, it’s that one!

plank to chair

The ab moves were perhaps the most different though, partly because several of them used bands, as opposed to before, when they were purely slider-based, and partly because again, they generally involved a little sequence of movements.

Much as I tend to dread it, I always thought Cardio Core was a really effective workout that allowed you to get a good amount of cardio in relatively quickly, do some sneaky bodyweight-based resistance training through squats, lunges and plyo moves, and blast the abs. All of that is just as true here. I was dripping with sweat by the end and my heart was racing. I felt like I’d got a great cardio and abs workout in, and felt pleased with myself for getting through it. There were a few breaks this week while moves were demonstrated. I suspect it will be a real killer next week when it’s a bit more non-stop!

Clearly, this programme is designed to be done to the letter, but more than most of the workouts, I’d also recommend this as a standalone for anyone just wanting to randomly scorch some calories and work their core.

  • Jump rope
  • Side jumps, side lunge, squat jump (it took me several attempts to get this one right)
  • High plank to chair (start in plank, on sliders, pull legs in, stand up half way)
  • Jumping jack skipping
  • Iso knee raise
  • Side Pulls (everyone’s favourite from Phase 1 Total Body Core is back!)
  • Pogo jump rope (ie. jumping on the spot, feet together)
  • Burpee push-ups (Arghhhh)
  • Criss-Cross double pulls (start with the right knee to left elbow, left knee to right elbow combo from phase one, but then pull both knees to the same outer elbow. Ouch!)
  • Twisting skips
  • Squat jumps with butt kicks
  • bicycle with loops
  • double hops
  • side ways squat jumps to lunge jumps
  • Pike to single leg pike (I literally could not do the single leg version for some reason)
  • wide-leg mountain climbers
  • knee tucks with bands (sitting down and leaning back, with band around thigh, lift legs, open legs, lift legs, close legs, lower legs)


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  1. I don t know much about the 80 day obsession, but I think it just uses the 21 day fix meal plan and containers, right? I could be totally off on that, but if it uses the same meal plan as the 21 Day Fix, then this could totally be used!


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