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80 Day Obsession Diary Day 43 – Arms, Abs, and Ass (including AAA review and moves list)

The first thing to say is that this isn’t the first time I’ve done this workout. After a near-perfect Phase 1, I’ve been a bit more hit and miss in Phase 2, but not that hit and miss. It’s just that I’ve been super short on time, with long hours and lots of stress at work, and while I’ve tried to keep both up, where something has had to go, I’ve tried to make sure it’s the blog and not the workouts themselves!

The second thing is that you only need to scroll down and look at that monster move list to realise that this workout a)packs more moves into an hour than anything else we’ve seen so far, and b)is correspondingly more complex in structure. Personally, I kept losing the thread of the structure, and if I’m absolutely honest, I did wonder if it was a little unnecessarily complicated. That said, I did feel like the three body parts it targets got thoroughly worked and that I also got a reasonable all-over body workout.

The basic principle isn’t that different from AAA in Phase 2, in that each set involves two arm moves (well, upper body moves anyway – despite the name, they work shoulders, chest, back etc as well as what you’d traditionally think of as arms), one ab move, then one booty move. All of them are done to work the negative, which involves going into a move fast and coming out of it slowly.

The difference is that, for some rounds at least, each move is followed by a similar move done very rapidly, which really helps to burn the muscle out.

When we finished round 1 in the first week, I couldn’t believe that we were only halfway through and that I had to do what seemed like hundreds of moves (actually 12!) once again. I wasn’t sure I could. Luckily, we weren’t, and I didn’t have to. Round 2 is quite a bit shorter and easier, as it only involves the first move from each set (so the isometric one, not the fast one).

Week 2, I missed, so I’m not sure how it was structured there. In Week 3, like most other workouts that week, each series of exercises is completed with tens reps, then repeated twice before moving on to the next series. The extra moves were only done as part of the final round of the three, which I actually found much more palatable, albeit still exhausting.


• Bilateral Press
• Alt. Unilateral Press

• Lateral Raise
• “Y”

• Lat Side Bend
• Standing Weighted Knee Driver

• Loop Standing Donkey
• Forearm Plank Jumping Jacks

• Chest Press
• Fly

• Kickback in Plank
• Tricep Push-Up

• Corkscrew
• Teaser

• 1st Position Bridge
• Single-Leg Bridge w/Loop

• Pullovers
• Renegade Row

• Curls
• Turned out Curl

• Loop Scissor Twist
• V Leg Raises

• Narrow Bridge, Clam
• Straight Leg Circles

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