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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 48 – Phase 2 Legs (including Phase 2 Legs review and move list)

Like the other strength-based workouts, Legs has undergone some changes between Phase 1 and Phase 2, which go deeper than just a different set of moves. With Total Body Core, AAA, and in particular, Booty, the changes have definitely made things more difficult. With Legs, I’m a little unsure whether the Phase 2 version is harder, easier, or just very different.

The basic idea is that there are 6 standard, weight-based leg moves. The twist is that after you’ve done the requisite number of reps, you then do a variation of the move without weights, but using the sliders. I found that the weight-based moves got my heart-rate up more, but the slider moves really made individual muscles burn. This is why I can’t decide quite how it compares to Phase 1. It left me feeling less exhausted but more sore.

The weight-based moves are mostly very straightforward moves that anyone who has done any strength-training will be fully familiar with. And they aren’t compound moves at all. After all the complexity in some of the other workouts, I quite appreciated this. It allows you to go relatively heavy and really focus on thoroughly working certain muscles. Conversely, the slider moves will probably be new to most people, and I found they took a bit of effort to get the hang of.

I did this in week one and two, but because I’ve been a bit lax with my reviews, didn’t post one. The pattern is the same as it’s been with other workouts: week one is 15 reps of each exercise in turn, then another 15. Week Two is 10 reps of everything, done three times. I missed Week Three, but Week Four, today, involved doing each exercise and its slider equivalent for 15 reps, then repeating, with no other exercises inbetween. This basically meant working the same muscle with the same sort of exercise for 60 reps back to back, which was pretty brutal, even compared to the other workouts this week.

Each time, it’s hovered around the 40-45 minute mark, so relatively short for a 80DO workout. But even allowing for that, it always seems to go very fast and I find it surprisingly enjoyable.


  • Reverse lunge – then reverse lunge with sliders
  • Goblet squat – then modified pistol with sliders (keep back leg bent and still, keep front leg straight and slide it forward)
  • Curtsey lunge – then curtsey lunge on sliders (ouch)
  • Sumo squat – then sumo squat on sliders (which for anyone with visions of going flying, reassuringly involves only moving one leg to the side at a time)
  • Weighted Warrior Threes (aka good mornings, aka flamingo – pick a name and stick with it Autumn!) – then hamstring curls on sliders (lay on back, pull legs in and go into bridge, lower down and straighten legs)

There’s also been a different bonus move each time so far. Week One, it was a surrender, Week 2 built on this with camel to surrender. And Week 3…


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