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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 47 – Total Body Core (including Total Body Core Review and Moves list)

This is basically the same principle as Phase 1’s Total Body Core. 5 sets, each of which involve two strength moves targeting the same area, followed by one core move. Over the course of the 5 sets, you work all key body parts – the upper body directly, the lower body in a supporting way.

The main different between this and the Phase 1 version is that the moves are much more complex. Not necessarily more difficult (though on the whole that’s also true) but more compound and involving either several steps or two different moves at once. Many of them took quite a bit of getting used to. Crab Position Tricep Dip to Sit Through, for example, mostly defeated me, not because I lacked the core or triceps strength, but because I lacked the coordination.

It was pretty ingenious in how it got lots of total body work into each move and I felt well worked out and pretty exhausted afterwards. I think on balance I prefer my workouts just a touch simpler though.

As with the other strength workouts, the moves stay the same each week but the structure varies. Today, it was 15 reps of each move in the first series, repeat, then on to series two, and so on, which on balance, though exhausting, is one of my favourite rep schemes.



Squat, Row, Twist, Row
Kneeling Lunge Clean & Press
Quad Ped Opposite Arm Knee Crunch

Chest Press to Half Turkish Get Up
Spider Man Push-Ups
Frog Sliders

“T” to Single-Leg Hip Hinge

Lat Pull Over w/Leg Raise
Weighted Plank Hip Drop

Low Twisting Lunge Hammer Curl
Press Out to Curl
Weighted Standing Torso Rotation

Crab Position Tricep Dip to Sit Through
Alt. Skull Crushers with Bicycle Legs
French Twist


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