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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 61 – Cardio Core (including Phase 3 Cardio Core review and moves list)

Much as I love this programme, I was honestly dreading this particular workout. As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, I’m much more confident with strength-training than cardio. One of the great things about this programme is that it’s forced me to do more cardio, and I’ve definitely got better at it over the last few weeks. But I felt like Phase 2 Cardio Core pushed me close to my limits (which is great) and I was therefore scared that the Phase 3 version would push me past my limits (not so good).

I missed this workout last week (because I ran out of time, not because of the dread!) but this time, I felt the fear and did it anyway. And actually, it wasn’t that bad. With the notable exception of the last round, which I’ll come to in a minute, it didn’t feel notable harder than Phase 2, and arguably, almost felt easier. Or maybe I’ve genuinely just got fitter, who knows? For the avoidance of doubt though, I’m emphatically not saying it was easy. Phase 2 Cardio Core was a challenge and so was this. It’s just that it hadn’t shot into the realms of the impossible.

The format is the same as ever: 30 seconds of a relatively low-intensity move, 30 seconds of a high-intensity move, repeat both moves twice more, then do a core move. 6 rounds, then repeat all 6 core moves back to back. I really like this structure. It makes the workout go fast, it gives you a little space to catch your breath while still keeping your heartrate up, and it’s great to get some core work in there. And with lots of jumping, lunging and squating, you end up getting a solid lower body workout in too, not just burning fat and calories.

There are quite a lot of moves that reappear from various earlier workouts, which I actually quite appreciated. It’s not so bad in strength-based workouts, but with fast-paced ones like this, I sometimes struggle with learning new moves. Although that does bring me to the one exception to my general conclusion that this wasn’t as hard as I’d feared – mules. Hands up who struggles with the 4, 6, or 8 reps of mules that cardio flow requires you to do each week. If that’s you, you’re going to love 30 solid seconds of mules three times in succession. Not sure how many reps that is, because I was focused on trying not to fall over or pass out!


Round 1:

  • Butt kicks
  • Saddle jumps (really hit your inner thighs!)
  • Side plank foot slide

Round 2:

  • Side to side bounces
  • lunge jump
  • Knee pulls

Round 3:

  • Cross country skiers, double tap
  • squat jump twist
  • Plank arm slides

Round 4:

  • Tires
  • Pop-ups (burpees where you come up into a squat rather than all the way up)
  • Side Plank toe taps

Round 5:

  • Rocking horse (one day I’ll be coordinated enough to do these smoothly!)
  • Step-through
  • Teasers to pike

Round 6:

  • Out-Out, In-In
  • Mules (Kill. Me.)
  • V-ups and knee pulls


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