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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 62 – Booty (including Booty Phase 3 Review and moves list)

First things first – I really love this workout. Hand on heart, I’ve found that some of the Phase 3 Workouts border on being either a little too difficult or a little too complicated, but for me at least, this one was the perfect mix of challenging but achievable, and interesting but easy to follow.

It’s actually fairly similar to leg day. Don’t get me wrong – you definitely get a good bum workout – but your whole lower body gets blasted and there’s quite a cardio effect. It really throws everything at you: solid weight-based moves, band moves, slider moves, jumping moves – and several moves that combine two or more of this element.

I’ve done it twice so far, and both times, with the 15×15 pattern and the 10x10x10 pattern, it’s gone really fast.


Series 1

  • Side squat hop hold (ie. squat jumps from side to side)
  • Kneeling lateral crawl to half surrender (by far the most painful move of the day. it’d be a challenge just as a body weight exercise, with bands AND a weight, it really had me groaning)
  • Single-leg hamstring slide

Series 2

  • Single leg runners jump with weight
  • Single leg hinge (sort of like the flamingos/good mornings we’ve seen before, but pulling up and down on a band at the same time)
  • Slider reverse pulse lunge

Series 3

  • Narrow squat rock (squat, go up on tip-toes in the squat, come back up)
  • Front lunge, side lunge (fairly self-explanatory, but combining weights and bands makes this a challenge
  • Side lunge to curtsey (done on the sliders. it’s a classic example of a move that feels easy for the first few reps then quickly turns into torture)


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