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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 65 – Legs (including Phase 3 Legs Review/Moves List)

In Phase 1, Legs was a pretty straightforward (though physically challenging) weights-based workout. In Phase 2, it bought in more complex and compound movements. Phase 3 feels really quite different again, with lots of band and slider work, and most notably, enough weighted plyo to make it almost feel like a cardio workout at times.

The first time I did this, I was a little stunned, as both some of the more complicated moves and all the jumping caught me slightly off guard. Doing it for the third time today, I’ve got more used to it, and I increasingly love it.

The pattern is four sets, each of which involve a slider based move, a jumping/plyo based move, and a weight based move – though there’s a bit of overlap between these nominal categories, as they are all fairly complex moves. With the possible exception of the goblet squats, there are no simple strength moves here.

By the end, my legs were trembling and I was dripping with sweat, but I felt really good.


Set 1

  • Side to side squat (ie. on sliders, squat down, step to the right, close, step to the left, all without standing up at any point)
  • Weighted Squat Jump
  • Figure 4 Squat (ie. squatting with one leg bent across the other thigh, a bit like a tree pose in yoga)

Set 2

  • slider side lunge
  • half skater lung jump
  • low rocking side lunge (ie. lunge to one side, then lunge to the other, without rising inbetween)

Set 3

  • slide front diagonal lunge (so confusing!)
  • split squat lunge
  • Buddha squat (ah, our old friend from phase 1 is back, and never gets any easier!)

Set 4

  • sumo double slide in
  • sumo cross jump
  • goblet sumo squat


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