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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 64 – Cardio Flow (including Cardio Flow Phase 3 review/moves list)

Slightly to my shame, today was the first day I dared to do a Phase 3 Cardio Flow. I continued with Phase 1 into Phase 2, and Phase 2 into Phase 3 – I’ve just always found it a challenge and genuinely felt that earlier version were challenging me enough. But today, my always-supportive husband threatened to email Autumn and tell her I was cheating! Not sure that would have been wildly viable, but it was enough to make me grit my teeth and give Phase 3 a whirl.

At first, the workout lulled me into a false sense of security. Based on something Autumn said back in Phase 1 Week 1, I thought the pattern was 4 rep in Phase 1, 6 reps in Phase 2, and 8 reps in Phase 3. So I was somewhere between relieved and disappointed when we seemed to be back to 4 reps per move. And then the stinger: once we’d built up to the full set of moves, we had to REPEAT THE WHOLE THING EIGHT TIMES. ARGH!

I honestly wasn’t sure I would be capable of making it through that. But somehow, something interesting happened. The combination of the intense physical challenge with the relatively simple and repetitive moves sent me almost into a trance, and I made it through all the rounds almost without realising it. It was actually slightly magical, like you always want yoga to be.

For the avoidance of doubt, the moves are the same as they have been every week: inchworms, spider push-ups, diamond jumps, flamingos, ducks, gorillas, kick-throughs, bears, crabs, mules/frogs. After lots of change, and some really complicated workouts, it’s nice to know exactly what you’re doing. But my goodness, this version, with this many reps in total, really puts you through your paces.


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