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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 15 (and a quick recap on the days I missed)

The bad news is that towards the end of last week, I got terribly lax about keeping this blog updated. The good news is that I was at least mostly sticking to the 80 Day Obsession programme itself, which is probably the more important of the two challenges I set myself!

The missing days mostly went well, with one major exception. Thursday, there was an after-work party planned. After the work event last week where I couldn’t really relax between not drinking, not snacking, and plotting to get home early enough for my workout, I decided to cut myself some slack. So I missed AAA, had a few glasses of wine, and had a meal that wasn’t 100% box approved. Eeek! I felt a little guilty, but I also had a lovely evening. I want to stick to the programme pretty rigorously and avoid too many slips-ups, but 5 solid workouts and 6 days of healthy eating is more than most people manage in a week! I keep reminding myself that this isn’t a quick-fix, 21 or 30 day blast before a holiday or big event. One day going off-kilter isn’t going to have that much impact factored into 79 other days. The key is not making a habit of it. Friday, I did the missing AAA rather than legs, because I prefer the workout and I’m more interested in working those body parts.

Anyway, it’s a new week, and today, I was mercifully back to following the programme to the letter. I feel like my body is starting to get more used to the meals and my mind is getting more used to shopping for and prepping them.


Today’s workout was the third instalment of Total Body Core. Once again, the rep pattern was different. This time, you did ten reps of three exercises, then repeated those exercises for two more sets of ten. I definitely found this the most challenging of the patterns we’ve followed so far as it burns out specific muscle groups by pushing them repeatedly over a short period of time, rather than giving them space to recover while you work something else. Either way though, I love the way the same basic workout is made different every time. It’s so unique to this programme and so powerful in stopping my body getting complacent or me getting bored.

It seems to be a bit of a Monday theme that I have to hide in the hallway with fixed weights while my husband does Body Beast with the selectable ones in the room we usually use for working out. I found it particularly frustrating today, because whereas the last two weeks, he’s done by the time I’m half way through and I can up my weights for the second and/or third round, today, back and chest were over by the time I got in there. On back especially, I felt like I cheated myself by only using 5 pound weights, when I know I can do 15. I also went a bit low (7.5) on biceps, but that was my own fault.

Still, I felt reassuringly tired by the end of it, and that’s another one in the bag. And then I revitalised myself with a tasty homemade stirfry, where I was very good about not going crazy with the rice.


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