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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 16 and a controversial Cardio Core

Cardio Core today. What’s that, I hear you say. Cardio Core on a Tuesday? Hear me out. Firstly, as I’ve said repeatedly over the last few weeks, intense cardio is probably the bit of fitness I struggle with the most, so this was definitely not me trying to cheat. And secondly, I did it because I’ve got an evening out planned tomorrow, and I thought I could just about do Booty either first thing in the morning or once I got back, whilst Cardio Core would kill me in either situation. More news on whether or not Booty actually happens coming tomorrow…

squat jacks2
The joy of Squat Jacks. And don’t ask about my (fake) tiger!

Even if it was the wrong day for it (perhaps especially because it was the wrong day for it and I could justifiably have gone with the easier Booty) I feel proud of myself for making it through today’s workout. Not sure why, but I was feeling a bit restless and grumpy, as well as super hungry. I stuck to the eating plan in that I ate all my containers and didn’t eat anything else, but the timed nutrition went fairly out of the window. I’d eaten everything but my post-workout meal by about 2.30. And then by the time I got home, I just wanted to crash out. But it really did deliver a salutary lesson in workouts being most important when you think you’re not really in the mood. Bits of it were fine, bits of it were a struggle, and pretty much all of it was sweaty, but I made it through, and though I still don’t feel quite myself, I felt much more cheerful afterwards. Special shout out to the complete lack of a break between the challenging round 4 and the dreaded round five with its cross jumps and standing mountain climbers (I literally shouted at the tv), the Kamikaze skaters that I still haven’t figured out quite how to do, and the confusing twisty challenge that are circle teasers.

Right, time to soak my muscles and then start getting ready for bed in the vain hope I manage to do my least favourite thing in the world: get up early and work out before work…


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