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80 Day Obsession Diary Day 17 – Booty in the morning!

So today, I did the thing I’m proudest of in the programme so far: I got up early and completed my workout before work.


Now, that might not sound like much to some people. I know loads of people who prefer to work out first thing and do it by default. But personally, it’s just not something I like to do. Partly because I’m not a morning person and the idea of dragging myself out of bed early takes more motivation than the actual workout. Partly because I’m scared of taking too long and being late for work. Partly because I actively enjoy working out in the evenings and find it relaxes me after a long day. But the main reason – and the reason it’s something I generally actively avoid rather than grudgingly do – is that exercise tends to leave me exhausted. I think people fall into two camps – those who are energised by exercise and those who are tired out by it, and I’m firmly in the latter. In the evening, that’s great. Workout, dinner, bath, and I feel nicely sleepy in time for bed. Feeling ready for a nap by 10am or struggling to concentrate at 2pm, in a demanding job is less great. As a result, it tends to be off the table for me.

But this is 80 Day Obsession, I’m trying to stick to it, and plans for Wednesday evening meant it was a morning workout or miss a day. So I took a deep breath, got everything prepared the night before, and went for the former.

It was basically fine. I got through the workout itself – Booty – with no problems and actually enjoyed doing it. Even though it was a 3 by 3 scheme again (10 reps of three exercises, repeated three times, before moving onto the next set of three), which I definitely find more challenging than either the straightforward two round or three round model.

I felt quite bouncy and cheerful for the first few hours of work. The tiredness did kick in in the afternoon and more so in the evening, but it wasn’t that bad in the scheme of things. I deliberately rejigged the week so it was Booty I had to do and not something involving heavy lifting or intense cardio, and I think that was the right call. I wouldn’t do an AM version of Legs or Cardio Core anytime soon. I wouldn’t rush to do a morning Booty session again either, but I feel like it’s now vaguely an option next time I need it.

My nutrition was entirely on point, apart from a sneaky glass of wine at the evening event, but honestly, I class sticking to one glass of wine at a work party as a success rather than a failure. The early morning workout meant I had to move all my meals around, which was a bit confusing, but ultimately worked well.


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