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80 Day Obsession Diary – Day 63 – AAA (including Phase 3 Arms, Abs, and Ass review/moves list)

I’m always quite a fan of the AAA workouts. They really zone in on the body parts I care the most about while also giving a good allover workout and getting the heart rate up. They also make great use of the full range of weights, bands, and sliders. This instalment was no different.

The Phase 2 version was insanely complicated, with tons of moves packed in. Here, the structure is back to the way it was in Phase 1 (albeit with more challenging exercises), which I prefer.  2 “arm” moves (which are really general upper body – they involve shoulders, back, chest etc, rather than just the triceps and biceps you’d usually associate with an arm workout), 1 abs move, and 1 booty move (which in many cases also gets the legs).

As before, the focus is on working the negative: so you get into the move for a single count, then come out of it for three counts, which really ups the agony – and presumably, the effectiveness! In Phase 3, the one difference is on the booty moves, where instead, you get into a move (for example, a side lunge, complete with both bands and weights) and hold it for a count of three. Ouch!


Moves List

Series 1

  • Czech Press
  • Arm Raise
  • Wind screen wipers (on the sliders, move one leg out to near-90 degrees and bend towards that side)
  • Side Lunge Hold

Series 2

  • Bridge Pullover
  • Camel bicep curl
  • Weighted twisting rolldown
  • Marching bridge

Series 3

  • Bridge Chest Press
  • Tricep Kickback in Lunge
  • Weighted Knee drops (weight held at chest and legs at 90 degrees, tip knees sideways towards the floor, one side then the other)
  • Curtsy Lunge Pulse (on sliders, do a curtsy, pull leg in and out three times, then stand)


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